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Buy & Sell outgrown school uniform for FREE at 

Uniformerly allows you to Buy, Sell or Give Away outgrown school uniform and school related items to other parents at your child’s school. 

As parents of school age children ourselves, we understand all about the cost of school uniform, growth spurts and the lost property box! 

We also know that there’s plenty of life left in the average school uniform once it’s been outgrown and the cost of replacing it.

Wear it out. Don’t throw it out.

With Uniformerly, you can recycle your children’s old school kit, helping you to save money, whilst helping other parents to cut the cost of buying school uniform. You can also help your school, help your PTA and help the environment simply by recycling your school uniform and school related items on Uniformerly.

It’s completely FREE to use, tailored to your child’s individual school, available 24/7 all year round,


if you’d like to make a donation from your sales to your school or your schools PTA, then you can do this easily through Uniformerly too.

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If you are selling second-hand uniform on behalf of your school or PTA, boost your sales with our PTA Boost. Please select PTA Boost from the menu for full details.