I’m a Parent

Start using Uniformerly today to Buy, Sell, Give Away & Recycle outgrown school uniform at your school for free – you can be up and running in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea! Get started by clicking the green ‘Register Now’ button below.

How do I start buying items as a parent?

1. Browse Uniformerly here (without registering) to find items for sale at your school.

2. Register/Login to contact the seller or your PTA about an item.

3. Arrange to meet the seller at school drop off or pick up to hand over the item… or pick it up from your PTA. Pay the seller using PayPal Friends or cash in hand.

How do I start selling items as a parent?

1. Register at Uniformerly to set up your profile (it takes seconds).

2. Add the items you want to sell onto the site – we automatically list them under the school in your profile for everyone else at your school to see.

3. Get notified by email when another parent is interested in your item.

4. Arrange to meet the buyer at school drop off or pick up to hand over the item. Payment can be made via PayPal Friends or cash in hand.

5. Delete your sold listing from the site – at this point we offer you the chance to donate a portion of your profit to your PTA.

What will my listings look like?

Click here to find out…

Tell your school and parent friends about us

Tell your school WhatsApp group, a parent friend, your school Head or your PTA Chair about Uniformerly today – you can use the ‘share’ icons below to do this.

The more people who join us and the more school items listed, the better Uniformerly becomes for everyone.