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Start using Uniformerly to raise funds for your PTA today – you can be up and running in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea!

Why use Uniformerly?

No set up required – your school is already listed on the site and ready to use. 

Uniformerly offers a huge fundraising opportunity for your school.

Your own pre-loved uniform shop online, no fees or commission – you keep all the profits!

24/7 year round access to pre-loved school uniform for your parents.

Payment for items can be made in cash, via PayPal or with any system you have running at your school.

Join our growing community, with members at over 2500 UK schools. 

Every piece of uniform re-used means one less item going to landfill.

Short of time or volunteers? – Ask your parents to list items and still raise funds through our online parent donations. 

Case Studies – Click here to see how some of our schools use Uniformerly to raise funds for their school.

How do I start using Uniformerly for my school?

To use Uniformerly for your PTA, you have 2 options:

Option 1 (PTA Boost): A PTA Boost is free and enhances our basic parent membership by offering PTAs extra benefits to help manage a larger number of listings. This is for PTAs who do not need a fully automated shop with online payments. It’s a great option that allows you to use any payment method you choose because payments are made manually.

Option 2 (PTA Shop): A PTA Shop is our free fully automated system. This is for PTAs who want a fully automated shop with online payments, automated emails and stock management.

What will my listings look like?

Click here to find out…

Your PTA Plan

You can view and manage your PTA Plan here once registered & logged in.

“We need this…”

We need this for our school – I need to order new uniform but they’ve hardly worn the old one!



“Fantastic initiative…”

A fantastic initiative that’s great for parents and the environment!



“Can’t believe we haven’t been doing this…”

What an amazing idea! Can’t believe we haven’t been doing this.



“Exactly what I needed…”

I’ve been collecting uniform because I am going to do a nearly new uniform sale at the end of term – this is exactly what I need.



“Great idea…”

What a great idea, I’ve got lots of brand new, never worn sports kit and school uniform – hopefully, I can make some money back to put towards this years kit. Thank you.



“Brilliant idea”

What a brilliant idea! Uniforms get so expensive.



“Sustainable and affordable”

Sustainable and affordable – ticks all the boxes ✅