Case Studies

School A – Parent to Parent sales direct on the Uniformerly Marketplace

School A has a small PTA which is already very busy. They see the value in recycling second-hand school uniform and helping to cut costs for parents, but do not have the (wo)manpower to run an online shop. They opted to promote Uniformerly to their parents, encouraging them to sell their outgrown items online to each another. Parents list their items online on their school page for other parents to view. If a parent is interested in an item, they contact the seller through the website and arrange to meet at drop off or pick up to collect the item. Payment is made either by cash or via Paypal Friends (free).

The PTA at School A still raises a healthy amount of funds for its school.  They have linked their PTA PayPal account to the site – each time a parent sells an item, they are offered the chance to donate some of their proceeds to the PTA (optional). This donation goes directly from the parent to the PTA using Uniformerly’s online donations.

School B – Both PTA Boost & Parent to Parent Sales

School B is a busy primary school where, both the PTA and parents use Uniformerly to sell second-hand school uniform.  The PTA use a PTA Boost to to help make the shop run smoothly with larger numbers of items. The main benefits are the longer listing period, bulk renewals of items, the school logo on their page and the green tag identifying items as being sold by the PTA. Once an item is listed, the PTA put a sticker on the item with the #listing ID number given to that item by Uniformerly. When a parent contacts them about an item, the PTA receive an email which contains this #listing ID number to help identify the item quickly. The item is labelled and left in a box next to reception to be collected on any designated day. Payment is made via PayPal Friends (free) to the PTA PayPal account or by cash on collection.

Parent to parent sales run exactly the same way as School A above.

School C – Fully Automated Shop run by the PTA

School C has a very busy second-hand school uniform shop, organised and run by a few members of the school PTA. They currently run a uniform sale a couple of times a term but parents have been asking for items outside of these times.  They wanted the ability to sell items to parents online, so that items are available to their parents 24/7 throughout the school year. They opted for Uniformerly’s fully automated shop because it gives them the flexibility they need to automate the whole process and minimises the time organising person to person uniform sales that need to be manned by volunteers.  The shop facility provides the PTA with a fully automated shop with online payments, stock management and automated emails, that inform the PTA when a sale has been made. The PTA pick the item based on the #listing ID number automatically given to all items listed on the shop, they then match the item to the parents order and leave it at the agreed collection point. The system automatically informs the parents when and where they can collect their items.

School D – School Uniform Recycling Initiative run by Pupils

School D is a secondary school with an active interest in environmental issues. The second-hand school uniform shop is run solely by the students as part of the school’s Eco-project.  The students benefit from learning about recycling clothing to help protect the planet and how to run an online business, learning skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication and financial management, all whilst developing a greater understanding of socio-economic issues. It also frees up valuable time for the PTA to pursue other fundraising activities, whilst still raising funds for the school from the sales that the students make through their Uniformerly shop.  The project is overseen by a member of staff who supports the students, but in reality not much help is needed.