Add a PTA Boost

A PTA Boost provides your PTA with extra benefits to help run a successful online second-hand uniform shop, including:

  1. A longer listing duration of 365 days.
  2. A Green PTA badge making each listing stand out as a PTA item.
  3. Your School Logo on your school page.
  4. The ability to renew multiple listings with the single click of a button.
  5. Priority email support 9am-3:30pm, Monday to Friday.
  6. Completely free to use, no fees, no commission.

How do I set up a PTA Boost for my school?

Step 1: Register and fill in your details (your school will already be listed).

We recommend using a generic email address for your membership, which you are happy to let your PTA second-hand uniform volunteers have access to. This allows you to share the workload – anyone with access to this email account can list and manage sales.

(If you’re already using a non generic/personal membership it’s easy to change your email address on the ‘My Profile’ page, or you can simply register your PTA separately.)

Step 2: Click the blue button at the bottom of this page to add a PTA Boost.

Step 3: Start listing your uniform items for sale from the comfort of your own home.

Step 4: Tell your parents about your new online school uniform shop using our Resources.

Step 5: Simply wait for orders from parents to arrive directly into your inbox. Each order will include a #listing ID to allow you to match it to the item with ease.

Step 6: Email your parent to let them know where and when to collect their item and how to make payment.

Upload your School Logo here – (This will show on your ’My School’ page within 48 hours)

See your PTA Plan details below or add a Boost by clicking the blue button…